The KRAWATTENKONFEKTION OLAF RÖMER GmbH probably one of the highest standard tie manufacturers of Germany, is situated in the south-east of Saxony, for centuries the heart of the German textile and clothing industry.

Krawattenkonfektion Olaf Roemer GmbH

Here, world-wide exclusive silk fabrics are manufactured by hand and distributed under the registered brand name "ROMERO Textil Design".
The production range comprises handmade ties , bow ties, handrolled scarves as well as silk blouses.
Since the foundation in 1991, the company has been able to establish a broad customer base by targeting the luxury orientated clientele throughout the worldmarkets. Highest standards of quality and skilled workmanship as well as timely deliveries are amongst the main principles of the company.

Mr. Olaf Roemer
Herr Dipl.-Kfm.
Olaf Römer
managing director

The production and the service of the Krawattenkonfektion Olaf Römer GmbH can be divided into three different fields of activity:

  1. Production and distribution of their own collections
  2. Production of custom-made products according to clients' designs
  3. CMT (cut-make-trim) on commission

                        Krawattenkonfektion Olaf Römer GmbH
                        Am Spitzberg 27, D-02791 Oberoderwitz - Germany
                        phone: ++49/35842/2 62 40
                        fax: ++49/35842/2 69 50