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Handprinted silk fabrics: Collection Jaguar

We created five different patterns, each in two different colourways and different silk fabrics (see pictures): The first colourway is screen printed on a soft Crêpe de Chine silk, whereas the second colourway is available on a similar precious twill silk with that typical silk glance. Please have yourself a look by enlarging the pictures:
1. "E-Type"
     Five different E-Type models in original colours.
2. "XK"
    Five different XK's in their period colours.
3. "Jaguar Race"
    An XK and a Mk II battle it out at high speed, beautifully depicted into silk.
4. "Jags Around The World"
    On this lavish print,you will find 32 different Jaguars driving around the world.
5. "Leaping Cat"
    The well-known cat surrounded by Jaguar models of different periods.
All these silk fabrics are available as neckties and bowties. For each design of the second colourway in twill silk a breast pocket handkerchief (12 by 12 inches) or a ladies' or men's scarf can be made upon special request, rolled by hand. Each item can be delivered with a custom made gift package

Motive1 Motive2
Ansicht 1
Motive3 Motive4
Motive5 Motive6
Ansicht 2
Motive7 Motive8



Motive9 Motive10
E-Type, Farbe 1 (gelb)

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